Quantitative Eating I & II

It is a mathematical fact that usury is unsustainable in a finite money token system. The exponential equation used to calculate compound interest requires an infinite money supply to function. If you’ve been wondering where all that “new printed paper currency” is going – it’s being used to prop up the immense aggregate debt and investment obligation “out there.” The megabankers and speculators are fighting to grab as much as possible lest they default. They care not about the consequences of hyperinflation.

At some point, the volume of money tokens will be so far out of balance with the underlying collateral that collapse will be inevitable, default or not.

Even when collapse is staring them in the face, those money maddened and plagued by usurers will think they’re “winning” – paying off creditors or accumulating great wealth. But at some point, it will be obvious that there is no corresponding relationship between the vast ocean of paper and the collapsing economy.

Those with paper empires will fall, investors ruined, and debtors dispossessed. Only those who don’t “play the game” will be unscathed. (No usury, no debt, no obligation to repay a creditor)

Speculation as to the ways and means of the collapse are rampant. It may be sudden or it may be a gradual decline. But the new winners will have vocations that produce useable goods and services and have a good chance at getting through the “transition.” Those who prepared themselves, who accumulated supplies and stored food, will be in the best shape to deal with the “dislocation” and breakdown in the economy. When the money token system fails, socialist benefits cease, trade stops, and the shelves will go bare.

Then chaos will erupt.
[Use your imagination]

In the aftermath, we shall see who will possess that which is the foundation of all wealth – the land – and whether or not the survivors will let “them” keep land acquired by stealth and skullduggery, versus those who had acquired it by trade in lawful money and improved it. That will tell the tale as to the final chapter in the united States of America. Did the republican form survive or die? Did the thieves and pirates vanquish the innocent producers?

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