EEK-o-Nomics Core

Money, that medium of exchange we need to buy our necessities, is acquired by trade [labor, production], gift [charity], and theft [predation]. The most beneficial means to acquire money is by trading our labor and production for it. But we’re now suffering an economic recession, and many are unemployed or underemployed. Yet corporations and plutocrats are getting richer.

Instead of blaming the rich for getting richer, let us realize that “the system” is totally warped by several flawed concepts :

__ Money Madness

__ Usury

__ Inflation / debasement

__ Socialism

__ Money creation

__ Crime / predation

[] Money madness is the belief that money tokens must have intrinsic value, such as precious metal coin. The function of any money token (or medium of exchange) is to facilitate TRADE. It does this by carrying value forward in time, to the next transaction. The problem is that if there is a finite sum of tokens, with an intrinsic value that is static, trade is throttled. It’s like trying to play “Monopoly” with insufficient funds in the “Bank.” The “game” breaks down. Scarcity drives up demand for money and credit, forcing business and labor to endlessly fight for more.

[] Usury is charging a fee, in money (interest), for the loan of money (or extension of credit). Not only is it an abomination, denounced for 3500 years, and proscribed by all religions (that I checked), it’s mathematically unsustainable in a finite money token system. Due to the exponential equation for compound interest, usury requires an infinite money token supply. Since that is impossible, it generally triggers defaults as a proportion of debtors cannot pay due to the shortage of money tokens. And confiscation of collateral is legalized theft, and should never have been tolerated.

[] Due to usury and scarcity, there is constant pressure to increase the money token supply by any means. With coins, it involves debasing metal content, counterfeiting or other means to increase supply – which triggers inflation as well as discord. With paper currency, it involves inequitable increase in supply, which devalues it. This may be beneficial for debtors paying creditors with “cheaper” money, but it is inequitable nonetheless. Civilizations have suffered and collapsed, once their money systems were corrupted into non-functionality.

[] Socialism is the purported solution to the economic situation where increases in productivity reduce the labor needed, forcing laborers out of the market, and eliminating their source of money tokens. The mechanism is to use government to take from the remaining producers, and give charity to the non-producers. This invariably is counterproductive, as well as ineffective in dealing with the underlying problem. Worse, it encourages non-producing recipients to support increased government taking from the productive donors, which is unjust. Socialism is government sponsored theft and slavery – compulsory labor for the benefit of another, and expropriation of property for the benefit of another. It completely violates the ideals that are the foundation of good government – the securing of property rights of the people.

[] Money creation is a problem when the money is under the control of non-productive parasites like usurers (bankers) and government, democratic, or any other form. Human nature results in the manipulation of the supply to favor the parasites and plunder the productive. An example of the worst possible system, is the Federal Reserve, where the money tokens are borrowed, at usury, into existence. Thus guaranteeing that there would be demand for ever greater debt, necessary to authorize more money tokens to pay the outstanding usury. Such a system is horribly corrupt.

[] Crime and predation thrive because government has become a criminal enterprise, protecting usurers (abominations), as well as by piratical socialism. And legitimate trade for tokens is throttled by the insane system, too. It is self evident that institutions corrupted by usury (corporations, finance), socialism (government), and money madness (electorate) are tearing civilization apart, in the desperate attempt to find a solution to survive, day to day.

The SOLUTION to economic abuse is to realize that we have to leave “their system” behind. You cannot “reform” insanity, nor expect the defenders of lunacy to suddenly admit their error and change.


__ Prosperity is based on the production, trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services.

__ Outside of barter, there needs to be some means to hold value until a future transaction, for equitable trade.

__ And only producers should have the power to create the medium of exchange to purchase their production, and no one else.


★    When the productive laborers and industries issue private promissory notes, coupons, or even accounting entries that others can use to “buy” their production, the ability to trade is no longer throttled by scarce, finite money tokens (money madness).

★    Instead of borrowing at usury to capitalize enterprise, let the entrepreneur issue promissory notes redeemable in the future, denominated in that which he will produce or perform.

★    Instead of charity to unemployed labor, let him issue promissory notes, denominated in labor, redeemable in the future, with which he can purchase his needs.

★    The marketplace can thus efficiently facilitate equitable trade of all labor and production.

★    Prospective employers can simply trade for labor notes to staff up their operations. Prospective customers can redeem notes for goods and services, eliminating the need for advertising and marketing.

★    Without usury and its corruption, business is relieved of the pressure to acquire greater market share and higher sales necessary to pay creditors and investors.

★    Without socialism, government can return to securing rights instead of preying upon the people.

Unlimited prosperity can be unleashed once productive people and industries are liberated from the chains of money madness, usury and predation. We can have a future where doing more with less so more can enjoy is the rule, not the exception. And with that ever greater production and output, mankind can banish suffering from want of necessities. For generosity first depends on prodigious surplus, and that can only happen when production is no longer constrained, nor producers penalized.


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