Fish and Firefly Sky

It is 2117, January 17. Been busy. Not much time to write. For example, today I had chores to do, and it took up a lot of my morning. I had to clean out the crayfish habitat, and set up more “hides” for them. I wish Dad didn’t like crayfish so much. They’re not the most efficient aquaponics crop, with their tendency to “share protein” – eating each other. But I guess it is a small sacrifice. In the right light, their carapace is stunning. Anyway, after cleaning up their habitat, I hooked up the water circulator and returned them to their tank. We should be harvesting a new crop in about 2 weeks. Plus, the fresh water clams will be peaking, too. Yum.

Our aquaponics set up is modest. There’s only three of us, and we don’t need more than about 8 square meters of planters for our sunwall.

Later. I am going to meet my friends, down in the Central park – that’s in the middle of our dual ring village. We’ve reserved the climbing wall, and plan to do some “hanging out” free climbing. After that, we’re going to the Food court and enjoy some food and walking scenery. If the sky is clear tonight, we plan to go to the observatory and star gaze. Maybe we’ll see the new mega orbiter that is due to cross overhead.

I read the newsfeed on the latest snag – a finished hull from AeroPlant 8 was to rendezvous with a catch crew at L-5. They’re going to cobble together a high inclined orbit colony, and pack it with plenty of raw materials and resources. Then they will surf gravity on the Interplanetary Transport Network to gain sufficient velocity and vector into their new orbit. I think I want to go into space colonization, but Dad is not too supportive. He thinks that they’re not as elite as they let on. He calls them Can Junkies, and Mothershippers. I keep my opinions to myself, when he’s that way.

I know that Earth has plenty of expansion volume left, but sometimes I get winsome looking at the Firefly sky. Outer Space is the Place !

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