Politically Incorrect

A “Balanced Budget” is legally, mathematically and economically impossible under current conditions.

[] The public debt, denominated in dollars, cannot be paid with “dollar bills” (IOUs). Debt cannot pay debt. A “dollar bill” is a promise to pay face value IN THE FUTURE. If I owe you ten “dollars”, did I pay you off with the tender of another promise to pay you ten dollars – in the future?
[] The “dollar bill” was repudiated by Congress, in House Joint Resolution 192, June 1933. Which means that not only are they worthless, and can’t pay debt, but that you’re cheated by accepting and using them as “legal tender” – unless you’re signatory to FICA. (D’oh !).
[] The debt, computed in terms of gold dollars, requires over 800 billion ounces of gold bullion, stamped into coin. Problem #1: Fort Knox holds only 147.4 million ounces. Problem #2 : World wide supply is estimated at 5.3 billion ounces.
[] Title 12 USC Sec. 411 defines a “dollar bill” as an obligation (debt). Therefore the only LEGAL way to increase the supply of “dollar bills” is for MORE DEBT TO BE INCURRED. If Congress does not increase debt, no new “dollar bills” are authorized. This would collapse the economy because usury demands ever greater supply of money tokens to function.
[] This insanity cannot be questioned pursuant to clause 4, 14th amendment, USCON.

We’re [expletives deleted]..

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