The 22nd Century

In 2100, America will be a different country, nearly unrecognizable from the America of 2013.

Here are some predictions for life in 2100.
Expected population 1.2 billion

-Many Americans will live in multiform pre-planned cities, built by cooperatives. These cities will be built to comfortably house high density populations. Their park land to habitat ratio will be very favorable. Most will seek to live in these pleasant cities devoid of skyscrapers. The cities we know today will be demolished for economic reasons – too expensive in resources to operate and maintain. Many future cities will be heavily fortified against natural disasters, such as flooding, storm surge, earthquakes, windstorms, and climate extremes. Many cities will enjoy inexpensive and frugal transportation, following navigable waterways, a network of electric traction rail, and point to point VTOL air travel via compound gyrocopters.

-The American republican form of government will be returned to its duties as a servant to the sovereign people. With less than 5% choosing to serve (and pay the bulk of taxes), government can no longer get into mischief. (Federal budget less than 0.9% of 2012)
The president is merely the highest ranking public servant, who takes the subway to work every day (The White House was converted into a museum complex). Government will be reduced to prosecuting deliberate injuries and adjudicating controversies over accidental injury.

– Public charity is abolished, and only private charity is available. Due to the increased output of surplus usable goods and services, charitable giving is much higher.

-People will have a broad choice in vocations. Since prosperity is based on the creativity and productivity of the people, the most admirable people are those who can prodigiously produce.
Wealth (money tokens, jewels or scarce metals) will no longer have any allure, since it will have limited trade value.

– The metallic dollar is still in use for certain transactions and legal requirements, but most equitable trade is accounted for with a non-money database. Producers can emit credits, denominated in what they can produce, perform or have, which can be traded for the surplus of other producers. The more productive, the greater the credit balance.

– Contracts for usury will not be enforceable in any court of the United States of America.

– Limited liability is abolished. Combined with the ban on usury, corporations will cease to have any unique benefit for their investors and owners. All investors, board members and officers are held liable for any criminal injury done in the pursuit of profit. No group or organization can have rights superior to any individual.

– American government servants will be required to pledge allegiance to the American people. Servants who violate the person, liberty or property of the people are severely punished, or sold into indentured servitude to indemnify the injured.

-Foreign policy will be: “It’s none of our business.”

– All laws that regulate pollution are abolished. In their place is the simple rule that all inlets must be downstream of their outlets. And any company’s management and board of directors must imbibe random samples of their effluent. If toxic, our condolences to the families of the deceased. New management will no doubt correct any problems ASAP.

-Everyone from birth is implanted with a microchip that uniquely identifies people. This microchip prevents unauthorized access to their credit database. Private property is often secured by chip sensors, that give an alert when unauthorized people trespass. Private property can still be defended with deadly force, if due notice is given.

– Theft and gambling is practically non-existent, for without money tokens, there is no convenient way to practice said vices. You can’t simply sell stolen property that has been uniquely identified and logged into a database, nor acquire legitimate credit in a databank. Likewise, it is highly improbably for one to be able to “gamble away” their database credit – their productive ability – for terms longer than one week.

– Due to personal liberty, the right to travel upon public roads and waterways and enter into public buildings, shall never be infringed. No public property can be barred to the sovereign people. However, everywhere else requires permission of the owner(s), lest it be a trespass.

-Education is a private matter. One can learn anyway, by any means, any where. Credentials are available by examination, by apprenticeship, and by special dispensation in recognition for achievements. Government will only provide for a public credentials bank where one’s test scores and achievements are available for the public’s convenience.

– Despite the huge drop in crime, many exercise their right to openly bear arms. Polite mannerisms have come back into favor. Rude behavior is no longer tolerated in polite society.


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