American Dream – Eyes Wide Open

by Jeff Ganaposki

Back when money madness was important, it was not uncommon for folks to dream of “getting rich.” It did appear that having a surplus of money tokens, or large account balances, was exchangeable for food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities and luxuries. But that is an illusion, based on inequitable trade and predation.

Unfortunately, there is no connection between money tokens and prosperity. Scarce money tokens can never keep up with the economy. That’s why only a few can enjoy “being rich.”

However, most if not all folks can enjoy prosperity. Prosperity is not limited by the sum of money tokens or their distribution. Prosperity is dependent upon the productivity of a people, their ability to transport and trade that production, and enjoy it. Prosperity, by definition, is the production, trade, and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services. Doing more with less so more can enjoy is the key to finding happiness. Doing less with more, so few can enjoy is the recipe for misery.

A prosperous people generate such a prodigious surplus that there is plenty to devote to other activities beyond mundane survival. They can sponsor art, science, research, and more. There is enough to aid those who are ill, infirm or otherwise incapable of production.

A creative people are not bored, nor incessantly seeking amusement to distract themselves. In some respects, the next step in civilization awaits their rise. For when civilization is supported on the foundations of prosperity instead of greed, avarice, and predation, there is hope for the future of mankind.

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