Urban Redevelopment

Someone asked a question on the net:
Q: What do cities need to do to “survive”?
A: Thrive !
What makes a city thrive?
[] Logistics – the framework for the flow of materials, services, and information
[] Efficiency – access to data, goods and services; inexpensive transportation
[] Functionality – economical and functional shelter; access to utilities; enterprise
[] Security – minimize risk from predators; access to medical services
[] Aesthetics – minimal nuisances (sight, sound, smell); beauty unmarred; out of sight infrastructure – silent, clean, safe, and unobtrusive character.
[] Shift focus from “making money” to prosperity.
{Prosperity – the production, trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services.}

I’m optimistically pessimistic on any meaningful change. But the fact remains, as population increases, population consolidation will become imperative. Let us try to make our cities into pleasant experiences instead of miserable endurance contests.

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