Charitable Engineering

It is 2117, May 24. I am excited about the news. The St. Google’s Society and Infrastructure won the bid for expanding the underground city at the Grand Canyon. It was a tough competition. Candidates offered their visionary plans, their pledges of private promissory notes for labor and material, and their past track record. There were a few who were favored to win, especially the Brigham Young Memorial Society and Engineering. There was a strong showing from the St. Mary’s Society and Technology. . . no doubt from their recent stunning Cathedral City and Industrial Park. In the end the plebiscite favored the St. Google’s Society and Infrastructure. They had the most fail safe and disaster resistant engineering specification.


Ever since the infrastructure was donated to any private charity or society that could build and maintain it, the landscape has been transforming in ways unimaginable by our forefathers. And it favors those who are most productive, innovative, creative and frugal, doing the most with the least for the benefit of the many. Plus, it is a great ego boost to see your group’s handiwork as a proud monument to everyone’s effort.


There’s the added benefit for group members, too. Though the infrastructure system is generally free of charge, any fee based “special services” are available to members in good standing. And why not? They or their donations helped build and maintain it. Why not enjoy the perks? And it helps build membership ranks, too.


Which reminds me, the “Sons of Norway” society are having a farmstead raising and all are invited to participate. They have some great cooks – and great looking girls to dance with at the celebrations. The SoN also have some fine cybertechnologists that I’d like to get some discount credit to trade with.

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