The Betrayed Youth

The Betrayed Youth
by Jeff Ganaposki
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Part One

America’s youth have been betrayed by clever manipulators who appealed to their compassion to embrace great evil. The serpents hissed : “Look at the suffering masses, let us have government care for them!”

But no one questioned the wisdom in imposing compulsory charity as a remedy to human suffering. Granted, the recipients are grateful – to the government – while the donors suffered the burden.

At each election, the nation divides itself into self-interest groups : the “Takers” and the “Taken.” As the recipient class grows and grows, thanks to the “generosity” of the socialist State, the donor class shrinks and collapses under the burden imposed, resigned to their burdens. No gratitude for their sacrifice is ever given by the recipient class, whose gratitude and loyalty is to the State.

Yet the “Takers” riot when they do not get what they believe they are entitled to.

If you believe you are entitled to the property or wages of another man, you have been warped. You have embraced the law of the jungle and believe your rights supersede the rights of others – your prey. There is no moral high ground in being a socialist pirate and slaver, getting your cut of the booty taken by force from the donor class.

Yet there is a persuasive argument that socialists use to justify their piracy and slavery. Under the current monetary system, there are only 3 ways to acquire money:
● Trade (labor, property)
● Charity (private, public)
● Predation (crime, extortion, etc)

When a laborer loses his job and cannot find another, and exhausts his resources, as well as private charity, all that remains is crime. So the socialists insist that government must offer public charity (entitlements – clever, eh?) as an alternative to crime. Thus no one can excuse their criminal activities as a matter of survival, when there is the socialist safety net (shredded as it may be).

Sounds reasonable. Except that when you penalize productive people and reward non-productive people, you eventually wind up with more non-productive people. Anyone with half a brain can see that being a recipient is superior to being a hard working doofus, stuck with paying 44% of his wages in taxes. And anyone stuck with the bill for slackers, has nothing but contempt for them, whether or not they are pitiful and deserving of charity. Instead of a people united, we have a nation divided. That’s great for predators who wish to divide and conquer. But bad for the people whose endowed rights were supposed to be secured by government – not confiscated and trespassed.

Here we are after 83+ years of socialism, with a nation splintered into divisive factions: one desperately seeking more from government and the other desperately seeking relief from the burden.

Can you see the problem yet?
Here’s a hint:
If you see unmet need, unemployed people, closed factories, empty stores, and untapped resources, you should ask : WHY?

If you ask each group, the universal answer is “No one has any money!”
Customers have no spare cash to buy more. Without sales, retailers won’t order more from factories. Without orders, factories close. Jobs are lost. And thus more customers have no spare cash. A vicious spiral.

Of course, the serpent hisses : “It is the fault of those GREEDY RICH! Take their wealth from them and distribute it!”

Does sharing the wealth really end poverty, unemployment, closed factories?

In fact, money is not the remedy but the cause of poverty.
Simple proof:
Ask yourself why anyone bothers to go to work, and endure the pains of laboring.
Answer: They need money, so they trade their labor and property for it.

What happens if no one needs money?
Imagine that tomorrow, everyone awakens to the news that they have been given 22 billion billion quatloos – a substantial sum – credited to their account. Everyone is fabulously wealthy. No one needs money ever again. They can buy whatever their heart desires.

Except there is one small problem. Buy from whom? Buy what?
No one went to work, nor filled the stores, nor offered anything for sale. No one needs money. Even the starving children are fabulously wealthy. Civilization collapses – from money madness.

Without the indoctrinated need for a scarce money token, the insanity of our economy is exposed.

Imagine you are among “primitive” tribesmen, who have no money, but are quite prosperous, and well fed. Obviously, their prosperity is not based on money. In fact prosperity is based on production, equitable trade, and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services.

There is no correlation between the marketplace of goods and services and the sum and value of circulating money tokens. In fact, the money masters deliberately keep money scarce and in demand, so people are always NEEDING MONEY. And they are incessantly programmed to evaluate everything in terms of money. In fact, they can use money to corrupt morals and induce vile behavior.

Our misery is rooted in the indoctrinated belief that we need money. Who imposes that need? Why can’t we just be subsistence farmers, and tradesmen, and simply barter?

Who imposes upon you a need for money to buy your necessities, pay taxes, pay interest on debt?

Can you blame the government?

According to the law of the land, available in any courthouse law library, you will find evidence that no government instituted to secure endowed rights can tax, impair or otherwise infringe them. (Two exceptions : in pursuit of justice on behalf of an injured party – or – by consent of the governed.)

What endowed rights?

Though not exhaustively expressed in the Declaration of Independence, they can be categorized as natural rights, natural and personal liberty, inherent powers, absolute ownership (of private property), and so on. You can prove it to yourself by verifying that all American constitutions explicitly protect private property as well as restate the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

In short, Americans have the endowed right to own land, work, travel on public roads and waterways, trade, enter vocations, build prosperity and not be liable for taxes. Government can only tax privileges it grants (and withholds).

So why do we have to pay ad valorem taxes to own a house and land, obey zoning rules, pay income taxes on our wages, pay excise taxes (sales taxes) on retail transactions, and so on?

Hint #1: Private property (absolutely owned) is an endowed right, whereas qualified ownership of estate is a privilege subject to taxation and regulation.
Hint #2: What does the constitution define as tender in payment of debt? Gold and silver coin. Have you ever paid your debts with gold or silver coin?

As an exercise for the reader, please write polite questionnaires to your public servants, judges, district attorneys, sheriffs, legislators, etc, and ask these questions:
1. How and when did I give consent to be governed?
2. How and when did I surrender my Creator endowed rights in exchange for government privileges, subject to taxation?
3. How and when did you inform me that I had consented to mandatory civic duties that obviously abrogated my endowed rights to life and liberty?
4. Why aren’t there any lawful dollars in circulation?
5. How can I alienate title to private property without lawful money?
6. Pursuant to the Constitution, Congress can only coin money (stamp bullion) or borrow money, therefore Congress cannot create money (nor bullion). And it cannot give such a power to anyone else. Who has the power to create money?

End of Part One.
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