The Betrayed Youth (continued)

The Betrayed Youth
by Jeff Ganaposki
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Part Two

In part one we exposed that people are money mad, trained to need money, and do anything to get it – even sell their own grandmother, as the saying goes. But it doesn’t stop there.


What a crazy thing to say! That gold and silver coin money tokens are evidence of insanity. Isn’t it the foundation of Patriotism and Constitutionalism to demand a return to the GOLD STANDARD !?

Yes, it may be the foundation of patriots, but they’re stark raving [expletive deleted] crazy.

The short explanation : world supply of gold (estimated) is 5.6 billion ounces. World population is in excess of 7 billion (2016). Simple math shows that there is less than one ounce per capita. If we rely on American statutes to compute the value, it is – wait for it – the princely sum of $16 per capita. If you believe that the supply of gold is TEN times greater, recalculating only gets us to $160 per capita.

If you use $16 as your new standard of measure for one man year of labor, you’re going to have to accept an hourly wage of 0.0077 dollars. (77/100ths of a cent)
{That also presumes that the rich and powerful do not hoard the majority of that gold used to facilitate trade. If they did, perhaps we may need to have paper money denominated in atoms of gold.}

The long explanation : you cannot use a subset of a set to be the abstract value for the WHOLE set. Gold and silver bullion are not only scarce, and precious, but can never grow at a rate proportional to the marketplace of goods and services. Human population grows geometrically, and human labor is multiplied by tools and machines. There is no way such a finite money token system can efficiently operate as a medium of exchange.

Re-stating the situation – any “thing” used for money – a medium of exchange to pass value to a future trade – cannot be a subset of the set (the marketplace). Nor can it have intrinsic value that exists independent of the marketplace.

The simplest explanation is that money has no trade value when there is nothing in the marketplace. A millionaire on “Gilligan’s Island” can’t buy anything with that money. Likewise, if the money exists when there is nothing to be traded, how can it have intrinsic value? And as we showed in the previous part, if no one needs money no one will go to work for the benefit of another nor trade their property for it.

Most of the world has been indoctrinated to be money mad. That is why people seek to “make money” instead of build prosperity. They think they are getting “rich” by piling up mountains of money tokens, while their world is slowly collapsing before their eyes. And those who refuse to work and trade unless paid with money are willing collaborators in their own enslavement.

Ironically, there are plenty of examples of sane people who work without seeking to be paid in money. Parents care for children, without expectation of payment. Adult children care for their parents, without pay. Volunteers contribute work and property to charities. Communities have “house raisings” and “barn raisings.” Religious orders are populated by people who devote their life’s work to serve others, embracing voluntary poverty. And many “primitive” societies operate outside of the madness of money. The irony is that they’re called “uncivilized” by the money maddened people.

“White man goes crazy for yellow metal!” observed the Amerindians.


The reality is that to survive, one needs clean air, water, food, shelter, and a host of necessities and wants fulfilled. To acquire them, one needs to absolutely own land upon which he stands – or needs permission from the one who does own the land upon which he stands.

With ownership and access to land, one can strive to acquire the necessities of life by one’s harmless activity.

Beware those who seek to dispossess you of your birthright to own land.

Prosperity is not based on money nor wealth. Prosperity is based on the production, equitable trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services. Doing more with less so more can enjoy is the keystone to building greater prosperity. Doing less with more so few can enjoy breeds misery – as does “wealth redistribution.”

To efficiently trade beyond barter, one needs a means by which equitable value can be passed to a future trade. Once that trade is completed, the value holder has done its job and ceases to exist. A common example is a coupon for an item – like a hamburger. Once tendered, the coupon is destroyed, having fulfilled its function to allow for value to pass to another.

If you have a cup filled with wine and pass it to another, he has the value of wine. What value does the cup hold when emptied? Nothing is inside. It has the potential to hold water, wine, oil, or whatever. But it holds no value otherwise.

Obviously, money does not operate that way. Money remains after all trades are completed. How did money pass value and retain value simultaneously? This leads to be insane belief that one can “save money” and thus accumulate “value” for one’s future needs… a belief that has no basis in reality.

The reason it appears to operate that way is the ingrained belief of money madness, and the requirement to use money to pay obligations to government for privileges and to pay creditors.

Money madness is also vital to the operation of usury – the abomination. As long as people have need of scarce money, they will borrow at usury. They will even ask for credit, at usury. Throughout history, wars have been financed by usurers, who feed on the misery they enable.

Sadly, the insanity of money madness makes people ignore the obvious fact that long term usury cannot operate. The exponential equation used for compound interest needs an infinite money token supply. Do the math yourself. Look up “Future Worth” calculations in any economics reference. Plug in numbers. Then realize the truth for yourself. You are entrapped in a madhouse with lunatics, under the control of masters of money.

Your remedy is to extricate yourself from the limitations of money madness and return to prosperity.

As stated before, to build prosperity, you need to have land, upon which you can exert yourself to produce surplus usable goods and services. Trading that surplus, you acquire other things and services that you cannot do yourself. And the more you make or do, the more you can acquire from others. Simple. As long as your means to pass value is not tied to the lunacy of “hard money” you can prosper, safe from the parasites and thieves of usury.

How do you account for value ? You might issue private promissory notes (coupons) or utilize a data base that one can debit or credit. What ever you use, do not limit it to any subset of the set – like precious metals or jewels.

Do not suffer parasites like usurers (bankers) and governments to control your medium of exchange or you will find yourself perpetually enslaved. And do not allow servant government to impose a duty for the exercise of rights they were instituted to secure. As to privileges that they bestow, only then pay them in the “coin” demanded by their system.

Only productive people and enterprises should issue “liberty money” used to trade for that which they produce or perform. Anyone else is trying to get something for nothing in trade. And whatever you choose as your medium of exchange – or accounting system – remember that it should track with the marketplace of all goods and services. That is reality. If there is nothing to trade, there is no need for money. And whatever there is to trade, must have the requisite “money” for others to buy it. That way you won’t be fooled by the manipulation of the abstraction by clever scoundrels who try to deflate, inflate or speculate them.

Do not tolerate usury nor use government to enforce contracts for usury. Usury is an abomination, an impossible contract, and a scheme to steal. Much of the evil in the world can be traced back to usury and money madness.

Finally, beware of shiftable taxes and hidden overhead expenses. They impose inflation (increased costs) without any remedy. That is how a marketplace can suffer from inflation during a shortage of money tokens. Remember, under classical eCONomics, inflation is “too much money” chasing “too few goods.” Well, I keep looking to see who has all that money bidding up the price of “too few goods.” Can’t quite find him. And since there are millions of unemployed (excess available labor), closed factories and stores (excess available production facilities), and unmet need (demand), it’s obvious that “something” is fouled up beyond the experts ability to explain.

(According to the Federal Reserve website, there are only 1.4 trillion dollar bills in circulation. How can a government spend over 3.4 trillion with only 1.4 trillion in circulation? Utter madness!)

Frankly, eCONomics is a dismal discipline that is wholly unscientific, as well as based on madness. How else can they accept using a variable (scarce and finite money tokens) as a unit of measure, and apologize for usury (mathematically unsustainable)? How can they assign dollar bill value to something when the dollar bills do not exist?

All Federal Reserve notes, being debt, are part of the 19+ trillion dollar national debt. To create more, Congress has to go deeper in debt. But what did it borrow? Not gold coin. There isn’t enough. In fact, Congress was extended credit, at interest. And to pay that interest requires even more debt. In-sane. And you’re the liable party, by consent, to pay your “contribution.”

More insanity. NASA has estimated that thousands of asteroids have quadrillions of dollars in value. Imagine the jobs that could be created, the multitudes hired to build mining equipment, the rockets designed and built, the fortunes to be made in outer space! Let us consider what a quadrillion dollar budget could buy:
__ 320 million Americans could be hired at $250,000 per year [a mere 80 trillion]
There’s $920 trillion left. Let’s hire half the whole world, at $250,000 per year.
__ 3.5 billion x $250k = $875 trillion, leaving $125 trillion left to pay for raw materials, etc. Imagine how much could be accomplished with so many gainfully employed?

But that can never happen. A consortium of billionaires cannot walk into a bank and get a loan of 1 quadrillion dollar bills, at 10% interest, with which to go mine those fabulously rich asteroids. Because the money tokens do not exist.

And we are too mad to realize we’re trapped.

Based on the current lunacy, owing an impossible to repay debt, we are facing a convulsion where civilization will either find its way to sanity, or collapse, once again, as the economic size has exceeded its scarce money token supply.

Wake up and escape the asylum if you can. Educate yourself – read the law. Establish a domicile. Reduce or eliminate any obligation to pay “funny munny.” Build prosperity by production, equitable trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services. Network with other productive people and equitably trade so that more can prosper. Make your own money tokens or alternate book keeping systems to track available goods and services as well as promises to perform in the future. Do not let money madness stifle your creativity and productivity. Work hard. Play hard. Live good. But be no slave of another, compelled to labor for their benefit.

Enjoy the endowment that is the right of every American under the promised republican form of government. Defend it from the enemies who wish to destroy it, and replace it with the vile People’s Democratic Socialist Republic.

In time, the whole world may be freed of domination, and become prosperous as the multitude engage in creating and producing abundance, to trade, to enjoy and to share, with out the plague of predators, parasites, and plunderers. Our children will inherit the stars, rightful heirs to the universe.

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