Ring racing

It’s 2117, January 15, and we won the ring race, today!

Normally, I don’t get too excited about ring racing anymore. But it was a special race, with two friends in the running. The Ring wardens set up safety lines and made sure the race path was clear of obstacles. Then at noon + five minutes, the race began. In our dual ring village, we have a five story design, so we have four levels of balconies. This increases the stress on our racers, in contrast to “short” rings with only four stories and three levels of balconies.

The race is complicated by the fact that balconies don’t have much passing room. And the runners don’t have priority over other users. Which makes it almost an obstacle course at times.

Of course, the fun comes with dye tossing. Spectators are encouraged to toss, squirt, shoot or sling brightly colored (washable) dyes on the runners. It becomes a riot of colors at the end. Fans of the winner often try to match his final color profile as a sign of their support.

At the race’s end, the rested racers and dye smeared spectators took a “victory” march around the ring boulevard, ending up at the park, where a big feast was laid out.

We had a great time. I may have to start getting involved more. But it may take another shower or two to get all this dye off me.


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