Money is not the answer

Money is not the answer to the ills of mankind.
Money causes poverty.
Money doesn’t cure poverty.

To illustrate, imagine that tomorrow, the whole world wakes to the knowledge that each individual has an account balance of 27 billion quatloos of gold coin.

What happens when “everyone” is equally “rich”?
[] Does that spur more or less production?
[] Does anyone bother to go to work and produce goods and services?

Common sense tells us that civilization would collapse if no one bothered to work, thinking that they all were rich.

The current economic system operates on ‘money madness’ and the belief in the ‘value’ of money instead of the reality of surplus goods and services. Those who accumulate a surplus of money tokens, can thus compel others who lack money tokens to do work, and trade output, while not doing anything of value in exchange.
Thus we see people striving to “get rich” but not necessarily striving to produce more goods and services, with which to equitably trade.

Money and wealth are not signs of prosperity.
Prosperity is the production, trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services.
Doing more with less so more can enjoy is the key to finding happiness.
Doing less with more so few can enjoy is the key to misery.

A ‘money mad’ people will never find a resolution to their economic woes.
The remedy to economic woes is prosperity which has nothing to do with money token ownership, but the productive capacity of the people, their ability to trade, and then enjoy the fruits of that production.

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