A Flippant Sweeping Generalization for the USA

This is my answer to the question: What would I do, to remedy the current situation?

Goals: increase happiness, build prosperity, reduce burdens, reduce suffering.
Current situation:Due to generations of national socialism, usury, and other abominations, the long suffering Americans are at the breaking point. The “Takers” are arrayed against the “Taken”. The looters are arrayed against the owners. The old are in conflict with the young, over the endless increase in cost the young must bear. Any and every possible self-interest group is primed to seek a break up of the nation, hopefully so they can grab something for themselves. Of course, when the SHTF, all parties will suffer, perhaps for generations.
This is all avoidable.
Causes of the problem:
[] subsidy of parasites, [] penalty on producers, [] protection for predators, [] punishment for their victims.
[] A money mad economic system compounded by usury
[] Government meddling (subsidy and penalty)

[] Prosperity is the production, trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services.
By definition, it excludes useless and unwanted goods and services. It requires one to produce more than what one needs for his own use. And by generating a surplus for trade, others may enjoy that production. With sufficient surplus, there is also enough for voluntary charity.
[] Though money is a medium of exchange to facilitate trade, it is also misunderstood. That it is maintained at a shortage level to encourage demand is part of the money madness. Money needs to maintain proportionality with the marketplace for equitable trade. Without sufficient money, trade is impaired, and someone suffers inequitable trade.

__ Doing more with less so more can enjoy is the rationale for rebuilding the infrastructure of the nation.
__ For which tasks can we employ thousands and millions?
____ Rebuild electric traction rail in parallel with rebuilding cities and towns for optimal results
[       ] Benefits : reduce oil consumption by 60% or more, end importation of petroleum, eliminate international tensions, reduce air pollution, provide a better life for our children’s children.
____ Engineer navigable waterways, via dredging, via canals, and via dams (also increase hydroelectric power production)
[       ] Benefits : eliminate flood risks, encourage shoreline development, expand prosperity, reduce cost for transport, increase recreational potential.
____ Divert resources from war making to peace making space colonization.
[       ] Benefits : access to astronomical resources – radiant power – raw materials – hydrocarbons – expansion room for millennia.

Typical objections:
_ Where’s the money?
_ Who’s going to lose so others will win?
_ Where’s mine?
_ Why bother?

We don’t need “money.” The “money” being a medium of exchange for real goods and services, should actually be in the power of the creative productive people and businesses, not the parasites like government nor banks. The creative and productive people should not only have the means to facilitate trade but the power to pledge their support for such large cooperative projects. Government is the servant, not the master, to make such decisions for us.
The real limiting factor is productive people – not money. Based on the manpower wasted on non-useful activity (i.e., crime, security, non-workers, amusement, boredom) there is a potential to double and treble the output of goods and services. The major reason why people are not prodigiously producing is that they are prevented from doing so by money madness and the inability to have equitable trade. Unemployment and underemployment are both symptoms of money madness, and need not exist.
No one needs to lose in order for others to acquire prosperity. The goal of prosperity is for all productive people to live better. The system, by definition, cannot reward the nonproductive nor penalize the productive. So producers should not be concerned that they will be losers. It is the “Takers” who are at risk.
The people who have standing to own, have the right to own themselves, their labor, and that which they trade their labor for. Those who have surrendered that right, do not.
Why should we strive to make a better world for our children’s children?
Because we love them. We do not wish to give them a future filled with more misery and suffering.

Without the burdens of money madness, usury, and involuntary servitude, humanity can break free of the shackles that have impoverished it for millennia. By the cooperation of productive people, we can transform the nation and the world. We can build more efficient, more pleasant accommodations, whether they’re cities, towns, or villages. We can build energy efficient electric rail mass transit networks to link together the nation so we can eliminate the need for 90% of the current automobiles and the petroleum they consume. We can build trains that roll underground, at grade, or suspended above, to move passengers and cargo, where needed. We can engineer the rivers and shores to be disaster resistant, to facilitate transportation, to be better habitats for humans and wildlife, to increase the life bearing volume.
We can engineer the mountainsides, with terraces, to be more usable, and productive, to provide more habitat, to prevent mudslides, and to enhance the environment.
We can build tunnels through mountains, for transportation or other uses, that reduce the time and energy needed to transport ourselves and our cargo.
We can expand food production, recover arable lands, restore fertility, and prepare for feeding the generations yet to come.
And if our prosperity and surplus merits it, we can devote substantial resources to technological wonders such as a hypersonic world wide network of high speed trains that travel in vacuum tubes. Without air, they can achieve speeds far in excess of the speed of sound, without the annoyance of sonic booms. The lack of air resistance could permit vactrains to use little power and to move at extremely high speeds, up to 4000-5000 mph (6400-8000 km/h, 2 km/s), or 5-6 times the speed of sound at sea level and standard conditions. In comparison, the Boeing 747-400, the most common passenger version in service, is among the fastest airliners in service with a high-subsonic cruise speed of Mach 0.85–0.855 (up to 570 mph, 920 km/h); Maximum speed at 35,000 ft, Mach 0.92 (614 mph, 533 kn, 988 km/h).
Is it not progress to travel eight times faster than the fastest airliner in service?
Then there is space colonization, the high frontier that beckons us. As we generate ever greater prosperity and surplus, we can devote more resources to the exploration and colonization of outer space. Once mankind is outside of the gravity well of mother Earth, our limitations dwindle away. We can harvest resources on an astronomical scale, build orbital habitats that dwarf the imagination, establish self sufficient orbital colonies that can utilize the interplanetary transport network to surf gravity and migrate across the solar system, albeit slowly.

Our future does not have to be gloom and doom.

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